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Financial Assistance for Families of First Responders 


When you go through an unexpected loss, there are several other unexpected expenses that occur as well. When Alex lost her husband, she lost an entire income in her household. While there are other means to help make up the difference, it doesn’t happen overnight.

With the amount of support Alex and her family received after the loss of Brett, she was able to make ends meet and get her through a trying few months while she figured out her next steps. 

When we first started this foundation, we knew that not everyone would receive the same amount of support that Alex and her family did. Helping families who endure a loss or are going through hard times due to being injured or becoming sick is our main mission. While we don’t understand everyone’s hardships as everyone’s stories are different, we know how much it means to have support and that’s what we’re here to give on behalf of Brett.

If you or someone you know is going through a time of loss or financial hardship, Brett's First Responders is here to help. We believe that all families of first responders deserve assistance, even if the death/injury did not occur while in the line of duty. If you are interested in receiving financial assistance from Brett's First Responders, please fill out the linked application below. 

Fill Out Application Here

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